Bob Beers’ Beef
with Veterans

Does Bob Beers believe Nevada’s veterans are not fit to hold public office?

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Bob Beers’
Greatest Hits

The things Bob has said and did on the record as a career politician. 1

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“YE$ Man”
Bob Beers

At this point, he will say YE$ to just about anything if it will help him get elected!

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Bob Beers’
Tax Hoax

Bob Beers made a promise and it wasn’t with YOU the tax payer!

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April 4th, 2018

Hispanics in Politics Breakfast – Bob Beers calls a U.S. Army Veteran “tender.”2

“Col. Seroka did send out a mailer saying I had been convicted of slander, which is false.” “As a veteran, I can tell you that I would have called out anyone supporting you for acting that way. It was the worst I have seen in politics. It was done on your behalf.” “It was done on his behalf too sir. It was done on his behalf about 12 residents on the Queensridge community and the owners of the Badlands Golf course. The City was kind of an ancillary player in that drama. There is nothing I would change about the actions I took as a City Councilman. To anyone who has apologized to someone else’s message, well if you are offended then let me apologize to you... but it wasn’t my message that I was apologizing for... it's your tenderness.”2 “My tenderness? I have fought wildfires with these bare hands and I have served in combat in Afghanistan. I am not tender. I am totally appalled by what was done by your campaign.”

May 24th, 2017

KNPR Interview – Bob Beers questions whether those who have served their county are fit to serve in public office.

“Councilman Beers, you have been on City Council for five years, does Col Seroka [Ret.] have the experience to do this job?” “Well look, in the rest of the world you don’t command, you listen and collaborate, that’s how leadership works. That is how it works in the city, that is how it worked in the state legislature, that certainly is not how it works in the military and for some it’s a hard lesson to learn.”3

Is Bob Beers suggesting veterans in southern Nevada are unqualified to hold public office?

Sounds like something a career politician desperate to win would say.2


Bob: “I Guess You Can Call Me A Career Politician If You Want To…”: When the interviewer said he was sounding like a career politician, Beers said: “I guess you can call me a career politician if you want to. I don’t.” 4

Bob insulted Children Of Gaming Employees. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in 2003, Beers stated that casino workers did “not value education,” and that their children were “prone to dropping out of school, reproducing illegitimate children,” and “killing themselves more often than people who do value education.” Beers’ comments came in response to a constituent e-mail urging him to support the tax plan proposed by then-Governor Kenny Guinn. Beers argued that no amount of spending could address social ills created by the bad parenting habits of those employed in the casinos. 5

Bob Dismissively Referred To Anti-HIV Program As “Dedicated To Putting Condoms On Gay Men In The Black Community.” According to the Associated Press, “Assemblyman Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, is being criticized for a remark he made about an AIDS awareness program that serves the black community. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Beers dismissed the Las Vegas-based Fighting AIDS in our Community Today as a program ‘dedicated to putting condoms on gay men in the black community.’”6

Bob comments on an Episcopalian bishop: “There’s gotta be more Episcopalian bishops besides you. . . . Your opinion is pretty far out there and strikes me as an opinion of a woman with no tax paying parishioners.” 7

Bob comments on mental health professionals: “At first I thought this was making fun of mental health professionals, who are fragile as it is. Then I realized this was supposed to make me think Trump sucks.” 8

Bob Said Getting Rid Of All Guns Would Prevent Mass Shootings But Said People In Countries That Don’t Have Guns People Just Make Bombs. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, “’It may just further polarize those who want to take guns away and those who don't,’ Beers said. ‘If we could take all guns away, this sort of thing could not happen. On the other hand as we have seen in some countries where they don't have access to guns, they just make bombs.’ ‘If those kinds of things (shootings) are going to happen, it makes sense to me that citizens should be able to defend themselves as our Constitution very clearly grants them the right,’ Beers said.”9

Bob Voted Against Bill That Would Increase Number Of Low-Income Pregnant Women Eligible For Medicaid. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, “AB493, sponsored by Buckley, which would increase the number of low-income pregnant women eligible for Medicaid and provide health insurance assistance for small business employees. Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, was the only senator to vote against the measure, arguing against spending money on an optional Medicaid service.” 10

Bob Supported Tax Amnesty As Effective Way Of Bringing Businesses Onto The Tax Rolls. According to Las Vegas Business Press, “State Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, also an accountant, called the amnesty a more cost-effective way to bring businesses on to the tax rolls than chasing down suspected evaders.” 11

CPN Buildings


While serving on the Las Vegas City Council [2012-2017], Bob Beers was:

YE$12 to bulldozing open space to reward a wealthy developer and his allies who stand to make hundreds of millions.

This same developer and his allies spent $136,00013 on Bob Beers’ unsuccessful re-election.

YE$14 to rubber stamping the City’s longest running trash monopoly after accepting $33,00015 in campaign contributions;

YE$ to sponsoring legislation that would help his business partner avoid pay $34,000 bringing his business up to code;16

YE$17,18 to obstructing Uber and Lyft after accepting $34,00019 from taxi cab companies;

YE$ to accepting $47,75020 in donations from marijuana related businesses, collected shortly before voting yes21 on a proposal that would benefit their businesses.22

YE$23 to building a 24 hour poker tavern next to the Trials Community Center and baseball fields, against the objections of families in his ward, while accepting $21,00024 from the owner and their lobbying firm.

CPN Buildings


Career politician Bob Beers says he is committed to “protecting your tax dollars”25

Yet Bob Beers’ support on the Las Vegas City Council of one wealthy developer’s project26 would have lead to:

  • Bulldozing open space in YOUR backyard;
  • Declining property values in certain neighborhoods;
  • Even more overcrowding of schools and roads;
  • Further strains on our utilities and on flood control;
  • A declining quality of life for YOU and YOUR FAMILY;

All of which TAXPAYERS will be on the hook for!

When asked if Beers’ would recuse himself from a vote on the development of the Badlands golf course if he loses his re-election, his response was: “NO.” He did just that.27

Why is Bob Beers so committed to destroying open space?

A wealthy developer and his allies spent $136,00028 to unsuccessfully ensure Beers’ was reelected and stood to make hundreds of millions off the project.

They have Bob Beers in their back pocket!

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